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Welcome home Bullitteers, here you can find all you need to keep your Bullitt tuned and ready to ride.
Find your local service centre, get tips on how to best maintain your bike and download the manuals and print catalogs

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You receive your Bullitt ready to ride, but afterwards you might need a service check-up at your local dealer, just to ensure everything is still properly adjusted. If you need any other assistance with your Bullitt, locate your dealer and organise a visit.

Depending on how often you ride your bike, we recommend to get a service check-up within 2-3 months - but make an appointment with your local dealer, they will guide you the best way possible.

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Taking Good care of your Bullitt

Here we have gathered a few tips for you how to best maintain and self-service your Bullitt. You do not need to do much, just a little love along the way, and your Bullitt will be your true friend.


‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’, as the saying goes, we therefore recommend taking care of your chain and keeping all its related components, running smoothly.

Chains stretch and wear, we recommend changing your chain at least once a year. This change should coincide with cassette and chainring replacement as newly installed chains will not integrate well or work with older cassettes or chainrings as their teeth and links get worn out simultaneously.


1. Wipe excessive dirt and old lube build ups  off the chain with a cloth or brush.
2. Grease the chain approximately once every two weeks. We recommend ‘Muc-Off Bio Wet Lube’ (Please avoid spray oil).

Muc-Off Bio is environmentally friendly and made from renewable sources.


As you know,. tyres are an incredibly important part of keeping you on the road. We recommend keeping an eye on the tread and setting the right tyre pressure will ensure optimal power efficiency and grip.

Frequency: Check every-second week/Once a month.

Check sporadically for larger cuts in the tread or bulges or cracking on the sidewall as this indicates a replacement is due.


1. Check the side of the tyre for max tyre pressure. The max pressure can be found on the side wall of the tyre.
2.  Pump the tyre to just under the maximum indicated pressure, perhaps consider lowering pressures for more grip in wet/colder weather.

The majority of Bullitt models are spec’d with the Schwalbe Marathon tyres, recommended pressure of 60 Psi/4bar, but always check before inflating.


Your Bullitt can carry some very precious cargo from post and packages, to pizza or tools, to small people. Slowing down effectively or stopping is high on the priority list. All Bullitts are mounted with incredibly powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The rotor though can get dirty, especially in autumn and winter.

Frequency: If the breaks start “screeching” or feel less responsive than you are accustomed too. Pads require replacing on average once a year and can be easily done at home if necessary. If in doubt, please contact your local dealer and schedule both a pad change and brake bleed together.


1. Use a clean dry cloth and dry off the discs/rotors.
2. NEVER use oil on your brakes!

If you are in any doubt about break performance or how to clean, please chat with you local dealer to ensure you are riding safely.


Depending on whether you are running internal hub gears with either a chain or a Gates carbon drive belt, or an external derailleur and cassette on your Bullitt you will at some stage need to service the drivetrain.

The frequency with which you will need to do this depends very much on various factors; the components involved, the frequency with which you use your Bullitt and in what environments.


We thoroughly recommend allowing your local dealer to service the Alfine 8 or 11 hubs for example as they require special greases and oils and tools and highly specialised knowledge of how to maintain the internals.

Whilst derailleur systems require more frequent maintenance and servicing, they are easier to isolate issues and change specific problematic components, like worn cassettes for example by the enthusiastic home mechanic.


With careful charging and storage habits you can help to ensure both better performance and battery longevity for your eBullitt.


1. Charge battery at room temperature, this is especially relevant in colder conditions.
2. Store battery in a cool, indoor location with stable temperature between approximately 10 to 20°C
3. Keep battery mount and specifically terminals dry as rain and dampness can cause power interference.
4. Keep battery mount clean and do not allow grit and dirt to enter the terminals.5. Lithium batteries operate best when charged frequently, so remove and charge as often as possible.
6. Allow battery to cool after use and prior to charging.


1. We highly recommend visiting your local dealer to check any motor issues you may have.
2. If the display is showing an error code, please visit the Shimano error code page

Even when the roads are not covered in salt, its a good idea to keep the bike clean and sparkling to minimise long term maintenance. Avoid power washing around bottom bracket or hub bearings however, as blasting grease out will result higher replacement intervals

Road Salt

The Bullitt is generally built like a tank and can endure a pretty painful existence. Still there’s no doubt that salt on the roads is rough-even for a Bullitt.

Frequency: Every two weeks while the salt is present on the roads and bike lanes.


1. Wash your bike with clean warm water
2. Use a dry cloth to take off excess water

Even when the roads are not covered in salt, its a good idea to keep the bike clean and sparkling to minimise long term maintenance. Avoid power washing around bottom bracket or hub bearings however, as blasting grease out will result higher replacement intervals

Manuals and Assembly

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