Winterising your Bullitt

Right then! It happened again….those pesky clocks went back and plunged us into darkness for another 6 months….it could be very easy to lament the passing of such an amazing summer. But wait, instead of wallowing in coat covered woe…ready your Bullitt, ready your clothing and get out and embrace the dark and the wet god dammit!

Maintaining a smooth running Bullitt through the winter months is easy with a little time and effort and making smart choices regarding tyre selection can keep the riding enjoyable and stress free. Even under the most challenging riding conditions it is possible to get out and enjoy the benefits of commuting with pedal power and enjoy wintery landscapes with a leisurely ride!

Even on the coldest days….bike rides are still rad! Photo: Ola Fagerström
Ok…less pleasant, but people are still commuting and it’s frickin’ impressive.

One of the major issues with riding in winter is tyre choice. By mounting a more suitable tread pattern and width tyre which increases contact and grip, you are granted a much more predictable ride. The Bullitt is very stable by nature of it’s length and wheelbase, so handles winter riding as a matter of course, but go the extra mile and stick something grippier on and you’ll be pedalling on through winter no problem…

If you are running Schwalbe Kojaks during the milder months, consider opting for a set of the slightly wider and grippier Schwalbe Marathon Supremes. Schwalbe actually stopped producing the 20″ version of this wicked tyre, but we have a good stash hidden away in the Bullitt lair.

Or if things are really nasty with snow and ice, Schwalbe Marathon Winter are superb with their studs. Sure they look a bit Mad Max but if it keeps you rubber side down and rolling year-round…who cares!?

Studded Schwalbe Marathon Winter in both 26″ and 20″ versions….perfect for your Bullitt.

As well as tyre choice, bike maintenance is equally important during winter. Keeping your chain well lubed avoids excessive wear and tear. Using a decent wet-lube is a good idea.

Keeping shifter cables well oiled is also a good plan, especially if running Nexus7,  Alfine 8 or Alfine 11 hubs as the gearing can get stuck on frozen nights. Remember to leave the shifter in a sensible gear overnight if the cable does freeze.

If lubing chains is not your idea of a good time, we offer the Gates Carbon Drive upgrade kits for our Alfine 8/11 systems….which reduce maintenance to errrrr zero. It’s also massively strong, we just figured boss man Harry’s has driven 20.000km….total up the cost of cassettes, chains and chainrings that need replacing over that duration and it becomes pretty economical too.

Gates Carbon Drive….smooth, clean and quiet.
Our Warehouse Manager and general man of awesomeness Jeppe…doing what he does best. Taking care of business come rain or shine, or snow!

Lastly, it might sound obvious but put a pair of decent mudguards on. Not those little click-on ones that still throw up all manner of debris from the road, but some massively long and all covering ones. We got the braze-ons, use ’em! The Bullitt has plenty of options for running full mudguards….we thoroughly recommend putting some on over winter!

Oooooooh, last, last thing! Lights, be seen and be safe. Please ride responsibly and buy lights that are appropriate to where you ride. That is to say, if you primarily ride in urban environments that have street lighting then blinking LEDS are probably sufficient. If your travels take you out into more rural settings where you need to see what is ahead, as well as just ‘be seen’ by other road users then a decent front light which exceeds 500 lumens is recommended.

Slush Puppies! Photo: not sure, give us a heads up;)

 Keep them wheels a turnin’, legs a churnin’ and ride safe out there everyone. The winter can be a bit depressing somethimes, but staying out and about on the Bullitt can help blast away the doldrums.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Larry and Harry