Winter Camping with a Bullitt


Last weekend we hit the open and rather chilly road and headed up to a beautiful forest, north of Copenhagen called Gribskov. Winter camping requires copious amounts of warm food, warm clothing and beer booze to make for a enjoyable night under the stars.

Obviously the ability to pack all the luxuries is well taken care of by the Bullitt, with it’s cargo bearing ability and low centre of gravity. This weight placement also allows some pretty funky off piste riding…..loose gravel, easy singletrack and rooty ascents are no issue even when heavily loaded.

Upon arrival to our wooden palace, we hastily made a fire and used the Bullitt’s to collect firewood from around the forest. Winning.

Winter camping is a real treat, with far fewer people around and the ability to enjoy the forest and landscape all to yourself, it really gives a sense of adventure and peace and quiet. Even if you are only a short ride from home. Get out and try it sometime, just remember extra socks and irish coffee to keep the spirits up! Godspeed!