The Tour to CMWC 2018 Riga, Latvia

The Tour to CMWC 2018 in Riga.

A journey with friends… the exploits and adventures of four Bullitts.

The 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship Aug. 22-26th

As autumn and the change of seasons approaches, we reflect back on Bullitt travels throughout this amazing summer and in timely fashion we report on the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship which was held  at the end of August in Riga, Latvia.

Plans emerged in the spring to head up to Stockholm and meet our good friend and fellow Bullitt dealer Andreas, where he runs the incredible concept shop Chain of Wheels.
Added was Brandon, our East Coast distributor from The States and Kevin Labeeaw, our plucky friend from Belgium who holds the Bullitt Hour Record. With such friends and good riders in the vicinity it made perfect sense to explore new territories and go head to race the Cycle Messenger World Championship with Harry.

From left to right: Harry, Andreas, Brandon & Kevin. Photo: Brandon Gobel

So here are the adventures, as told by Harry and Brandon:

Starting in a speedy manner we took the train to Stockholm… a little like Lee Hazlewood, a short 4 hour journey from Copenhagen.

We arrived and hastily built and fettled with our the bikes. After rolling the streets of the Swedish capital on the Bullitts and exploring some of the lesser known backroads and byways we headed  for the ferry terminal where our magnificent ship to Riga awaited us. Packed into bunks like sardines we merrily rode the ocean swells to Latvia.” Explains Harry.
Cruise ships dwarfing our colourful and merry band. Photo: Harry

Arriving on the friday morning, we went hastily to check to championship course before exploring the cobbled streets of Riga, where we finished the day by the canal.

Sticking out like a sore thumb…Cargobikes amongst a sea of road and track bikes before the race Photo: Harry
Oh those cobble stones! Like riding over tiny boulders. Photo: Harry

The discovery of Lido’s, an incredible traditional Latvian restaurant… meaty and hearty and best experienced a minimum of 4 times in a 5 day trip.

This is the dungeon of Lido’s… meaty lollipop! Photo: Hans

Hang out / Main Race Qualifiers / Cargo Race day Saturday 25th

After a late start to the main race and the weather beginning to turn, the Cargo Race starts in the rain, riding through 2 hours worth of checkpoints and trying to save a soggy manifest. The race goes continued long  into the dark, as the riders finish, the outcome of the race is uncertain until the wet paperwork is checked by the officials the next day…
Wet wet wet. Rain and 7 hours delay to start the race was not the most uplifting part of the trip.
Photo: Brandon Gobel

Lido’s again!

Sunday, a sore awaking from racing and the previous day’s wet weather. Harry and Brandon qualify for the main race,  Kevin and Andreas unfortunately do not…

We drink another coffee and unanimously decide to “call in sick” and have a chill morning, go for a ride to explore more of the city. Hungry and thirsty, we head back to Lido’s, obviously! So there you have it, perhaps a bit of a wet anti-climax, but nevertheless we had an amazing time.” Says Harry

Brandon goes further by adding: “After some discussion we all came to the same conclusion that riding as a group on cargo bikes in what is otherwise a very “car centric” city, was hopefully a beacon to others that this way of transport is feasible and very viable.” 
Call in sick and go for a ride! Photo: Harry

Monday morning was an opportunity to ride and explore the old radio tower quickly before preparing for departure. Our bunkbeds on the ferry were calling and Stockholm was beckoning to us on the horizon.

As our pilgrimage drew to a close and we splintered off to our separate corners, the Bullitt provided the catalyst once again for a journey and how it effectively allows us to carry a weeks worth of clean underwear for the global messenger community.

So… The CMWC Tour ended up more as a friendly ride than a race, but what the heck… no matter where you go together on Bullitts it tends to end up fun and surprising!

Best regards,
Kevin, Andreas, Brandon & Harry