The E8000 VS E6000 eBullitt: What’s the difference?

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There have been lots of questions and comments over the weekend, since we launched the E8000 regarding the difference between our two electrically assisted Bullitt’s.

On the one hand we the E6000, based around an internal Shimano Alfine 8 hub with a gear ratio of 307%. All the gears are nicely contained within the hub shell resulting in very low maintenance. The gear shifting is handled by Shimano di2 buttons and allows both manual and automatic gear changes, a handy feature at traffic lights and for unfussy riding……they automatically change down to an easier gear and indeed shift up automatically as your pedal cadence increases.

The battery for the E6000 is 418Wh.

The E6000 is the optimal craft for urban riding and for environments that are perhaps a little flatter. It comes as standard with very puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon tyres for durability and great year-round grip.

Other things to note include e-system optimised Magura MT5 brakes. These have a 4 pot, or piston brake caliper which are designed to stop you quickly and safely, with the added weight and momentum that an electrically assisted cargo bike incurs.



The new kid on the block, the E8000 is designed by Shimano as an e-mtb system. We are the first cargobike to implement and it is fantastic for many reasons, which I’ll attempt to outline. Most important is that it is, as you can see based around a rear derailleur and cassette. This generates more direct shifting and power transfer, on the flip side, it needs more cleaning.

The cassette we ship with the E8000 is 11-42 tooth, which translates to a 418% gear ratio. Again the shifting is electronic, care of Shimano XT di2, a system I’ve used for the last 2 years without any issues whatsoever. The computer on the E8000 is much smaller than that of the E6000 and the shifter levers look very much like a traditional mountain bike rapidfire, or trigger shifter. The brakes are, again 4 piston, but this time we went for Shimano Zee as we felt they match the other Shimano components better.

The motor on the E8000 produces 20Nm more torque in it’s Boost mode, the highest of the three assistance settings and the battery is 504Wh. The E8000 is a more powerful system, but not significantly so, it’s more in the power delivery that you notice it.

Other things to note on the new eBullitt, is the Thomson bar, seatpost and stem. This stuff is so well made, we felt the bike deserved high-end finishing kit and it matches the mtb pedigree of Shimano’s E8000 system really well. Tyre wise, we choose to mount Schwalbe Marathon Supremes as they blend excellent rolling speed with puncture resistance, oh and they work well on gravel roads too.

We went about introducing the E8000 for people that ride in more hilly areas or perhaps commute longer distances.

So there you have it…..a little breakdown of the differences, the pro’s and cons as such. That said, they are both fantastic bikes and offer the opportunity for Bullitt riders to ride further, faster and to carry more.