The Box Story

  Bikeradar just put up a nice article about our illustrated boxes. We spent so much time on this project and it’s nice to see it getting some attention. Kristian Eskild who did the amazing illustrations is a lovely, lovely guy and it was great to work with him. We are starting to see some

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Our friend Chase Bauer from Cargoheart, Chicago was in Copenhagen all last summer soaking up the culture, the European and World Messenger Championships and immersing himself in all things Bullitt. He kindly made us some great little shorts to use to spread the Bullitt gospel and here is the first….the Bullitt in school-run guise with

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bullitt forside 3

Paris 16′ Frames Available Again

We have been rooting around in the cellar of wine and other fine sundries and found a few extra Paris 16′ framekits. These were made for the Cycle Messenger World Championships last summer. They are shipped with fork, headsets, steering arm/rod and kickstand and they look frickin’ lovely.  NOW SOLD OUT

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New Dealer: Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles

We are really pleased to have Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles among our team of dealers. They are a really great shop in Philadelphia focussing on urban cycling solutions. They sell longtails, trikes and our beloved Bullitt too. if you are in the area go say hello. http://www.transportcycle.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Firth-Wilson-Transport-Cycles-405642462876479/

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Broadsheet Triple Whammy

The broadsheets seem to be giving us a lot of love this week. First off was The Guardian in the UK and then the Danish newspaper, Berlingske wrote an article about our incredible community of owners and riders and then did a feature on our good friend Cykelkokken, who rides a Bullitt-based kitchen around the

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Kevin Sparrow’s article for The Radavist

Our friend Kevin was recently in Copenhagen with his family and took the time to come visit us at the shop and office and take amazing pictures which have been featured on The Radavist. Thanks very much Kevin. Here’s a link… http://theradavist.com/2016/11/faster-than-a-bullitt-at-larry-vs-harry-in-copenhagen-kevin-sparrow/#1

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Trailer Time: Fleximodal Bicylift

Ok so this just happened. We bought a new trailer…..the Fleximodal Bicylift…..and it’s insane. It’s a little tricky to describe how it works, but you essentially slide the forklift-like prong onto the euro pallets, then wheel the trailer in and hey-ho let’s go. There is a latch system which catches on the side of the

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Rad Rider: Bullitt Mix for SBC Cycles

Did a short, slightly winter-is-coming, melancholic mix for our London dealer’s Rad Rider series last week. Made up of weird folk, fuzzy psych, and synthy post-punk, have a listen if the mood takes you. SBC Cycles are building some incredible bicycles and you should go say hey to them if you are in London.

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DHL Partnership: A Cycling Embassy Article

As a member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark we were really pleased to receive a bit of attention in the newsletter focussing on our partnership with DHL. We are really excited about developments with commercial logistics partners as it means the cargo bike is being acknowledged as a feasible alternative for urban deliveries on

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The cat’s out the bag…XT 22

So we are awaiting the arrival of our updated XT Component Group. The spec sheet makes for some interesting reading. 11 speed XT what, what. Thomson finishing kit, as in Thomson everything what what what. Zee dual piston brakes for extra control urrrrr yeahhhhhhhh. Schwalbe Kojaks as standard. It’s all happening, and very soon if

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