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Bullitt Maintenance Lecture

Forgetting to give your Bullitt some love? We have some easy tips for you! Dearest Bullitteer,  After all the song and dance of the Bullitt being ten years old there comes the quiet moment of reflection when we were sat around discussing the real world impact of having all these older models still ripping up

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Parking Party with the Bullitt

Save time. Drop the hustle for a parking space. Ride your bike. Photo: Colin Stewart Dearest reader. Everyone has experienced this: You are driving around in your car, trying desperately to find a parking space. You are irritated. No… FRUSTRATED! It’s verging on you being late to collect your children, buy the shopping before closing time or get to

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Festool x Bullitt

  Finally, a collab between the best cargo bike in the world and the best tool system in the world! We have dreamed of a Festool Bullitt since the dawn of Larry vs Harry. Yes, that’s right,  Festool is the very reason the Bullitt looks like it does! Wait, what? Back in the day, when Larry

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Winter Camping with a Bullitt

Last weekend we hit the open and rather chilly road and headed up to a beautiful forest, north of Copenhagen called Gribskov. Winter camping requires copious amounts of warm food, warm clothing and beer booze to make for a enjoyable night under the stars. Obviously the ability to pack all the luxuries is well taken

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Winter Touring with the Ed8000….

Ed Oxley from Hebtroco, the British trouser company came and grabbed one of our new eBullitts last month. The silly bugger then rode it back to the UK via Berlin and Rotterdam in a mix of snow, wind and rain. Touring in Northern Europe in January is a little unorthadox, but he plowed through powered

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The E8000 VS E6000 eBullitt: What’s the difference?

There have been lots of questions and comments over the weekend, since we launched the E8000 regarding the difference between our two electrically assisted Bullitt’s. On the one hand we the E6000, based around an internal Shimano Alfine 8 hub with a gear ratio of 307%. All the gears are nicely contained within the hub

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Shop Opening Times During The Festive Period

Dear Bullitteers, Here are our opening times over the festive period: 23. Dec: Shut 24. Dec: Shut 25. Dec: Shut 26. Dec: Shut 27. Dec: Shut 28. Dec: 10:00-17:30 29. Dec: 10:00-17:30 30. Dec: 10:00-14:00 Open as normal again from Tuesday 2nd January……have a very lovely Christmas and New Year everyone. Thanks for for an incredible

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4K Chasing Stoked Johnny

Saw a great video up on the The Radavist this weekend featuring Samurai Messenger’s very own Stoked Johnny….get some stoke on ya monday……  

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A Cargobike Fast Enough To Catch Sagan

Our friends in Slovakia, Švihaj Šuhaj just sent us this maaaaaad Telekom advert that launched a few days ago. Featuring the one and only Peter Sagan…..along with the one and only Bullitt. We are so stoked on this! Thanks to Michal from Švihaj Šuhaj for sending it over.

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Visiting Ola at Ohboy Hotel

My wife Lærke and I went on a little weekend trip up to Søderåsen in Southern Sweden last weekend for some general goodtime, downtime, walking time up in the beautiful nature reserve up there. Highly recommended this time of year as the changing patina of the trees and rustle of leaves underfoot leave an immensely

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