Rad Rider: Bullitt Mix for SBC Cycles

Did a short, slightly winter-is-coming, melancholic mix for our London dealer’s Rad Rider series last week. Made up of weird folk, fuzzy psych, and synthy post-punk, have a listen if the mood takes you. SBC Cycles are building some incredible bicycles and you should go say hey to them if you are in London.

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DHL Partnership: A Cycling Embassy Article

As a member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark we were really pleased to receive a bit of attention in the newsletter focussing on our partnership with DHL. We are really excited about developments with commercial logistics partners as it means the cargo bike is being acknowledged as a feasible alternative for urban deliveries on

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The cat’s out the bag…XT 22

So we are awaiting the arrival of our updated XT Component Group. The spec sheet makes for some interesting reading. 11 speed XT what, what. Thomson finishing kit, as in Thomson everything what what what. Zee dual piston brakes for extra control urrrrr yeahhhhhhhh. Schwalbe Kojaks as standard. It’s all happening, and very soon if

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Bakfiets Family: An Interview

Boss man Harry was interviewed for the blog, Bakfiets Family during this years inaugural Svajerløbet. It makes for good reading so go take a look….. http://www.bakfiets-family.net/cargo-bike-makers-interview-hans-fogh-from-larry-vs-harry/

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Dealer Profile: SBC Cycles

This summer whilst wandering the streets of the London metropolis, I came across a new bike shop which, like a moth to the flame I was drawn into. It turned out to be the new venture of Jamie Kirkham and Mark Skulls, two incredibly experienced mechanics who I previously knew of when they worked in

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Thomson CNC goodness

We are really pleased to be stocking Thomson parts. Seatposts, bars, clamps and stems in different lengths are all available on the webshop now. The quality of Thomson is legendary and their CNC machined components adorn the finest bikes the world over. They are a great way of dropping some weight without sacrificing strength. Read

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CMWC Limited Edition Frame

  Seen in the wild…..it’s coming. The Cycle Messenger World Championship frame celebrating this year’s race in Paris is on it’s way. Keep your eyes peeled for further details as there are only 30 available. The graphics really pop on these things….

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Bullitt on DR TV Avisen

  We were thrilled to see Chase Bauer from Cargoheart talking about his Bullitt documentary on the national broadcaster DR last night . I am not sure if this can be seen from outside Denmark and being in danish, it may be a little tricky for those not versed in the wonderful mother tongue to

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CMWC: Thank you

    We were proud to sponsor and witness as the world messenger community descended on the streets of Paris last weekend. A massive thank you to all the event organisers, volunteers and participants for such an incredible race. Ruban Hidden took 1st place in the Cargo Race on a Bullitt and our very own

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The Bullitt Hour Record

Last Saturday, Kevin Labeeuw rode 35.9km in an hour on a Bullitt cargo bike. This massively impressive effort, resulted in a world record. We are incredibly proud Kevin asked us to help out on this project and have been amazed by his efforts both in training and documenting the whole project. Congratulations Kevin from all

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