Winterising your Bullitt

Right then! It happened again….those pesky clocks went back and plunged us into darkness for another 6 months….it could be very easy to lament the passing of such an amazing summer. But wait, instead of wallowing in coat covered woe…ready your Bullitt, ready your clothing and get out and embrace the dark and the wet god dammit! Maintaining

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Bullitt in Berlin

Last month two very special shops opened in Berlin, a town where the Bullitt has always thrived. We love Berlin…for a city so close to Copenhagen, it is incredible how different they are. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated crew of dealers and an enthusiastic community of owners and riders who continue

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The Tour to CMWC 2018 Riga, Latvia

The Tour to CMWC 2018 in Riga. A journey with friends… the exploits and adventures of four Bullitts. The 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship Aug. 22-26th As autumn and the change of seasons approaches, we reflect back on Bullitt travels throughout this amazing summer and in timely fashion we report on the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship

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The Svajerløbet 10th Anniversary Report

Awesome video by Projektland Dearest Bullitteers, Svajerløbet, or roughly translated, ‘The Swayers Race’ has come and gone leaving tired legs, broken and jubilant hearts, new friendships and an amazingly positive feeling about the future of cargo bike culture. This year was the 10th edition of the reinstated cargo bike race and efforts were made to ensure this

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The brand spanking new eBullitt 6000 XT Di2

So we had a bright idea… -again! How about coupling the Shimano STePS 6000 system with an external derailleur and cassette, so you get the economical and excellent functioning Shimano STePS 6000 matched with the broad cassette and excellent crisp and sharp shifting of XT Di2?! Ok, now the best bit. It costs the same

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Bullitt Maintenance Lecture

Forgetting to give your Bullitt some love? We have some easy tips for you! Dearest Bullitteer,  After all the song and dance of the Bullitt being ten years old there comes the quiet moment of reflection when we were sat around discussing the real world impact of having all these older models still ripping up

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Parking Party with the Bullitt

Save time. Drop the hustle for a parking space. Ride your bike. Photo: Colin Stewart Dearest reader. Everyone has experienced this: You are driving around in your car, trying desperately to find a parking space. You are irritated. No… FRUSTRATED! It’s verging on you being late to collect your children, buy the shopping before closing time or get to

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Festool x Bullitt

  Finally, a collab between the best cargo bike in the world and the best tool system in the world! We have dreamed of a Festool Bullitt since the dawn of Larry vs Harry. Yes, that’s right,  Festool is the very reason the Bullitt looks like it does! Wait, what? Back in the day, when Larry

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Winter Camping with a Bullitt

Last weekend we hit the open and rather chilly road and headed up to a beautiful forest, north of Copenhagen called Gribskov. Winter camping requires copious amounts of warm food, warm clothing and beer booze to make for a enjoyable night under the stars. Obviously the ability to pack all the luxuries is well taken

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Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.51.47

Winter Touring with the Ed8000….

Ed Oxley from Hebtroco, the British trouser company came and grabbed one of our new eBullitts last month. The silly bugger then rode it back to the UK via Berlin and Rotterdam in a mix of snow, wind and rain. Touring in Northern Europe in January is a little unorthadox, but he plowed through powered

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