eBullitt Goes Gates

Dearest Bullitteers, Earlier this week we leaked a somewhat fuzzy photo on April Fools Day of a Gates belt mounted to our new eBullitt powered by Shimano’s Steps E6100 system… It wasn’t a joke….no fooling around here god dammit! We can now officially offer the Gates Carbon Drive on the eBullitt. This is very big news

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The Opening of Barfoed Cycles…We head to the West Coast!

We head to the Danish West Cost for a very special shop opening… Dearest Bullitteers,   Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the small town of Humlum on the west coast of Denmark to celebrate the opening of a very special shop. The Barfoeds came into our midst in the summer of 2015.

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Larry vs Harry vs Paul Smith

Spring is well and truly on the way, we can rejoice and throw our gloves in the cupboard soon. The lighter evenings also mean a commute home sans lights and that also lifts the heart. We had a bit of a surprise discovery last month when digging through the vaults of Bullitt HQ as we found

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2019 eBullitt Updates

We eagerly unpacked and built up the latest batch of eBullitt E8000’s this week! A delightful surprise awaited us as the bike revealed itself to us… Larry has been busy and redesigned the bracket for the eBullitts for this coming year. It looks stunning in the flesh, incredibly elegant and shapely. It allows the engine to be

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Shimmying with Shimano

Hey!  It’s been a cold old week here in Copenhagen with a decent flurry of snow on monday and subsequent falling temperatures. Riding for the most part has been ok, with the bike lanes in most areas cleared quickly and effectively. It is really interesting though when crossing council/commune borders how different municipalities deal with

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Winterising your Bullitt

Right then! It happened again….those pesky clocks went back and plunged us into darkness for another 6 months….it could be very easy to lament the passing of such an amazing summer. But wait, instead of wallowing in coat covered woe…ready your Bullitt, ready your clothing and get out and embrace the dark and the wet god dammit! Maintaining

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Bullitt in Berlin

Last month two very special shops opened in Berlin, a town where the Bullitt has always thrived. We love Berlin…for a city so close to Copenhagen, it is incredible how different they are. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated crew of dealers and an enthusiastic community of owners and riders who continue

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The Tour to CMWC 2018 Riga, Latvia

The Tour to CMWC 2018 in Riga. A journey with friends… the exploits and adventures of four Bullitts. The 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship Aug. 22-26th As autumn and the change of seasons approaches, we reflect back on Bullitt travels throughout this amazing summer and in timely fashion we report on the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship

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The Svajerløbet 10th Anniversary Report

Awesome video by Projektland Dearest Bullitteers, Svajerløbet, or roughly translated, ‘The Swayers Race’ has come and gone leaving tired legs, broken and jubilant hearts, new friendships and an amazingly positive feeling about the future of cargo bike culture. This year was the 10th edition of the reinstated cargo bike race and efforts were made to ensure this

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The brand spanking new eBullitt 6000 XT Di2

So we had a bright idea… -again! How about coupling the Shimano STePS 6000 system with an external derailleur and cassette, so you get the economical and excellent functioning Shimano STePS 6000 matched with the broad cassette and excellent crisp and sharp shifting of XT Di2?! Ok, now the best bit. It costs the same

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