Trailer Time: Fleximodal Bicylift


Ok so this just happened. We bought a new trailer…..the Fleximodal Bicylift…..and it’s insane. It’s a little tricky to describe how it works, but you essentially slide the forklift-like prong onto the euro pallets, then wheel the trailer in and hey-ho let’s go. There is a latch system which catches on the side of the trailer which levers the pallets up and into a secure position. It is amazingly smart and carries up to 180kg!!!

Have a look at Fleximodal’s site, look for the video and think about everything in the world you can move with your bike and a trailer. We have been so pleased with our Bikes At Work trailer, which is really long and enables us to deliver 3 unassembled Bullitts at once to our shop in Copenhagen. The idea with the Fleximodal is to be able to deal with wider loads. Sorted!