Larry vs Harry vs Paul Smith

Spring is well and truly on the way, we can rejoice and throw our gloves in the cupboard soon. The lighter evenings also mean a commute home sans lights and that also lifts the heart.

We had a bit of a surprise discovery last month when digging through the vaults of Bullitt HQ as we found a couple of long lost Bullitt frames from our Paul Smith x Larry vs Harry collaboration back in 2015. The crux of the matter is, we’ll be auctioning one of the three frames produced incredible frames off and donating the proceeds to the Danish Red Cross in September.

We thought having found these rare jewels it might be a good opportunity to give y’all the back story to this project, which combines some incredible characters from the world of cycling and design.

The Paul Smith x Larry vs Harry Bullitt 2015
Sir Paul Smith sitting pretty.
When Harry met Brian….such teamwork haha!

Planned as a wedding gift for Mark Cavendish and his wife from his Directuer Sportif at the time, Brian Holm, the Paul Smith Bullitt was a celebration of British and Danish friendships and relationships. Paul Smith was a very, very good cyclist in his youth, in fact there was talk that he would become a professional road racer at some point so his passion and credentials in cycling are undisputed. Paul was brought on board to design this incredible Bullitt and threw all his energy and effort into realising a truly unique cargo bike.

We later learnt that Paul Smith receives around three hundred requests daily asking to work with him on co-branding projects. It goes without saying we felt incredibly honoured and lucky to have had the opportunity to create a Bullitt with him.

There were clearly parallels in his brand ethics and personality too with us at Larry vs Harry and Paul’s good humour and charming personality shone through during the design process.

Delicious details…note the painted steerer arm and polished kickstand.
A doodle…..penned by the designer himself.
Paul Smith’s office is an amazing hotch potch of mid 20th century furniture, art and rad bikes!

Harry ended up flying to London to build the Paul Smith Bullitt and spent the day in the the designer’s offices which were an incredible homage to design through the ages. The office was positively dripping in design classics, art and bike paraphernalia….from old track bikes and vintage cycle clothing to team Pinarello Dogma models donated by recent Tour de France stage winners.

In a testament to the collaborative process of the project, it was discovered at some stage during the build that a headset was missing, so the London based messenger company Control…who also use the Bullitt for their deliveries went off on a hunt for one with the relevant dimensions and anodising.  They too came through for us and ensured that the gift could be finished and delivered on schedule.

We were able to measure the stem length and saddle height based on Mark’s road bikes that were residing at the office and ensure he had just the right saddle to bar drop! Slam that stem!

Harry and Sir Paul Smith and a dang lovely Bullitt.
A Japanese keirin saddle made by Kashimax and covered with an original Paul Smith print.
Polished dropouts and component loveliness with some Shimano XTR brakes.

The fully built bike looked absolutely stunning and had a few nifty details to set it apart from it’s factory finished brethren. Polished dropouts and kickstand and a painted to match steerer arm, along with a bucket list of snazzy one off components…

We loved the process of this collaboration with Paul Smith, of how different people have their interpretations of the Bullitt has always fascinated us and continues to make us buzz. The contributions and submissions people make for example to the Bullitt Universal Owners Club is another great example of custom Bullitt’s coming to fruition and it is even better seeing how people end up using their cargo bikes.

That is it for now, have a wonderful weekend. Remember we’ll be having an auction for the final Paul Smith Bullitt at the end of the summer so start saving now too.

Let’s ride…..