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Cargobike Bullitt

Assembly movie featuring Elvis

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Bluebird a danish designed cargo bike


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Not on stock

See Bluebird with external gears

If only we could keep it just a little longer.

For the first time ever, Larry vs Harry are putting this symphony in blue up for sale:

The Bullitt Bluebird.

Bullitt Bluebird, a Freight bike by Larry vs Harry Bullitt Bluebird, a fast Freight bike by Larry vs Harry. Bullitt Bluebird, a Freight bike.Bullitt Bluebird, a Freight bike by Larry vs Harry.

  • LENGTH: 245 cm
  • BREADTH: 47 cm
  • WEIGHT: 24 kg
  • (more ...)

Straight out of Copenhagen

  • Featuring
  • Powder-painted in blue and white
  • Hardened aluminium frame
  • FSA Headset
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts and discs
  • 8-gear Shimano Alfine hub, brake blocks and crankshaft (See this bike with external gears)
  • Shimano Alfine Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Double-bound aluminium wheel rims
  • Puncture-protected Schwalbe tires
  • Impact-strengthened plastic mudguards
  • Fast saddle and handlebar adjustment
  • Insurance-approved ABUS bicycle lock
  • NB: Honeycomb bottom-board is not included.
  • Download complete partlist (Pdf.)

Freight bike: Its superfly, this freight bike