Bullitt Maintenance Lecture

Forgetting to give your Bullitt some love?
We have some easy tips for you!
Dearest Bullitteer, 

After all the song and dance of the Bullitt being ten years old there comes the quiet moment of reflection when we were sat around discussing the real world impact of having all these older models still ripping up the pavement…


So in light of that we thought we’d make some recommendations as to what to focus on from a maintenance perspective. Ten years is quite a long time for a bike to be sat outside and pedalled daily and there are things that can and will fail after that long exposed to the elements.


The King’s touch!

Tobias and Storm are our two ultra experienced and impassioned mechanics running our Copenhagen flagship shop. They work on Bullitt cargo bikes every day and see a broad range of repairs and bikes coming in after being in use for the last decade. After that period of time it goes beyond the standard replacement of cassettes, chains, brake pads and tyres which as a general rule need some attention once a year. The wear rate of all these parts is totally dependent on how much you ride, so keep tabs on your mileage.

The good news is the Bullitt frame is aluminium so does not rust and the amount of paint and lacquer applied goes a very long way to preventing corrosion. However, here are steel elements that need to be inspected with some degree of regularity. The steerer arm, for example which sits under the frame and is exposed to everything mother nature can throw at it, needs keeping an eye on. The rubber covered balljoint too has a tough life and is constantly under pressure, when it starts to rattle is a good indication that it needs replacing.


Also, as obvious as it sounds, make sure your quick releases are tightened properly! You’d be amazed how many people come into the shop with a mysterious wobbly wheel only to discover they are loose.

3 top tips for every day Bullitt riders
If you check these pretty simple things, you are sure to make your Bullitt run smoothly for many many years!
#1 Chain#2 Brakes

#3 Air

#1 Chain
Use appropriate chain lube for the weather. A nice thin dry lube in the summer and a thicker synthetic lube when it gets wet.
When: The chain will have a very happy life if you do this every second week!
Lube on the Chain!
#2 Brakes
Check the pad wear on your hydraulic brakes. The brake pads need replacing before they reach the metal backing or you you risk needing to replace the rotor too. Ensure that no brake fluid or oil ever comes into contact with the pads either.If your brakes starts to scream and squeal, try cleaning the rotor with a disc brake cleaner. Any more servicing may require a brake bleed or pad change, which could require in specialist tools and we would recommend your local dealer does this.

When: For regular Bullitt use, check if they are worn out every 6 months. If you run eBullitt check for every 1200-1500 km! 

Check Rear Brake Pads
Check Front Brake Pads
These are Brake Pads!
#3 Air
We recommend that your tires are pumped by hand if feasible, if you can check the air pressure, go for approximately 5 bar.
If you run on an eBullitt it can be difficult to feel if your tires are flat, so check these quite often.When: Check this every month 

Get some air!
In order to avoid any problems, we recommend that you maintain your Bullitt on a regular basis as this keeps costs down. This includes regular washing (preferebly every couple of months), just make sure that you don’t get soap on the brake pads and remember the chain lube after the bath!Generally, we also recommend a service of internal hub gears, such as the Shimano Alfine every 1,5 year, so go to your local shop and have them go through your Bullitt to be sure it is as happy as can be!

Our best advice is to always listen to your Bullitt. Does it make any unfamiliar sounds? Is something rattling or sound loose?
If you are unsure of any issues on your Bullitt,  lack time or doubt your bike mechanic skills, you should ask your local bike workshop for advice and help. They are truly experts!

Love your Bullitt
and your Bullitt will love you back!