About Larry vs Harry

“So is the Bullitt an evolution or a revolution? Honestly, it’s a bit of both. To understand it, let’s rewind the tape for a moment.”

As Copenhageners, Larry and Harry have always biked as much as they could. Not just because it was green, cool or cheap, but because it was – is – the fastest, most convenient way to get around town. Harry had a contract business (building, not Goodfellas) for 20 years where he used a 60-year-old Danish Long John cargo bike to get from job to job. Larry was busy working for another Danish manufacturer, making the best cargo trike in the world. The problem was Harry’s vintage Long John was still faster, lighter and more manoeuvrable. That’s when Larry and Harry decided to build the perfect cargo bike.

Larry and Harry based the Bullitt design principles on the classic Danish Long John. It had to be strong, fast and reliable. But the Bullitt had to be much more than just functional: it had to be sexy.

Larry and Harry’s master plan was to build a bike that could replace much of the functions of a car in the city, but would also be a desirable object. This was a tough challenge because, let’s face it, cars are brilliant.

Larry and Harry love cars, especially late 60’s and early 70’s American muscle cars. The problem, of course, is fuel prices and emissions. The Bullitt is the environmentally friendly solution to getting around quickly, cheaply, and stylishly. From trucking down to the beach with a case of beer and a ghetto blaster to carrying out demanding commercial transport, the Bullitt will get you from A to B faster than a speeding… er… bullet. And you’ll look good doing it.

“Because you’ll be the fastest cargo-carrier on two wheels.”

About Larry vs Harry part two.

Larry vs Harry only make quality kit. So if it’s got “Larry vs Harry” on it you know it’s built to last. It’s a scientific fact that after the next apocalypse all that’ll be left will be cockroaches, Lemmy and Bullitt bikes. Good news for Lemmy, of course. He’ll have wheels to get to the Rainbow bar. That is, until the cockroaches evolve.

Maybe you’re wondering why it’s called Larry VS Harry? Let’s just say that Larry and Harry have different points of view on a lot of things. Like when Harry says, “Use internal gearing because it doesn’t get messed up with all the salt on the roads in the winter”. But Larry says, “Use external gearing because you’ll be the fastest cargo carrier on two wheels.” You listen to who moves you the most then you strike a deal like a speeding cobra. Remember – the good news with the Bullitt is there ain’t no bad news. Whatever choice you make, it’s going to be the right one.

Larry is the engineering brains behind the operation. His cargo bike designs are as funky as they are functional. Harry is Mr. Slick, the smooth-talking hustler who’ll fix you up with the Bullitt of your wildest dreams.

Larry vs Harry are on a mission to get the cargo bike (preferably the Bullitt but if you absolutely have to have one of the other ones that’s kind of okay too) accepted as a viable alternative to a car.

Obviously, you’ll need a car for giving more than one person a lift, towing a caravan and hiding Mafia hits in the boot, but there are lots of jobs that you could use a Bullitt (for example) for instead. Workmen use Bullitts to carry their tools; delivery and messenger companies use Bullitts instead of minivans, people commute on them, do their shopping, pick up their kids… You name it.

The Bullitt cargo bike is a game-changer. It’s dirt cheap in comparison to running a vehicle, cycling is healthy and you will be amazed at how much time you save.